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Court erred in dismissing Plaintiff's lockout claim

The court held that the trial court erred in finding that it lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the plaintiff's claims. Plaintiff sued defendants, alleging violation of the anti-lockout statute, statutory conversion, violation of MCL...

Court finds easement dispute frivolous, awards sanctions

The court held that the trial court did not clearly err when it found that the plaintiff's claims against the defendants disputing the existence of an easement were frivolous and that sanctions against plaintiff's counsel were appropriate pursuant...

Property owners denied refunds on transfer tax payments

Holding that the TT erred in awarding refunds of the transfer tax that the petitioners-Gardners, Ngos, and Masellis paid pursuant to the SRETTA when they sold their homes, on the ground that the conveyances were exempt under MCL 207.526(u), the...

Court dismisses claim based on oral lease agreement

Holding that the plaintiff's claims related to the alleged 10-year lease were barred by MCL 566.106, and that plaintiff failed to show that it was inequitable for the defendants to retain any benefit of the unexercised lease, the court affirmed the...

Contractors awarded damages for unjust enrichment

In these consolidated appeals after remand, the court held, among other things, that neither the law of the case nor res judicata precluded the trial court from considering unjust enrichment on remand. It affirmed the trial court's decision to...

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