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Here at Aldrich we can help you beat the drunk driving charges. Driving under the influence is widely regarded as one of the worst crimes a driver can commit. To some extent, this is justified. Cars are dangerous, and operating one while impaired puts everyone on the road at risk. As with any crime, however, no one should be punished for a DUI without clear evidence against them, and no punishment should exceed the severity of the offense. Aldrich Legal Services supports all Michiganders charged with driving while intoxicated. As a traffic ticket attorney based in Plymouth, we examine all forms of evidence, overturn baseless charges, and make sure sentences are fair.

Given our more than 19 years of experience as a DUI and drivers license lawyer, we have seen a myriad of different drunk driving cases. We are thus familiar with the types of evidence used in such cases, and know how to spot weaknesses. Each drunk driving attorney on our team can examine a charge from every angle, taking into account:

  • Probable Cause- Police officers are not authorized to pull you over without a good reason. We examine the reasons that the officer cited for stopping your vehicle, and determine whether they can actually back them up. If the officer did not have probable cause, we can have the case dismissed.
  • Breathalyzer Data- While many think of breathalyzers as infallible, they are in fact subject to a range of equipment problems. We examine the breathalyzer that the officer who stopped you used, making sure that it is not obsolete, poorly calibrated, broken, or otherwise unable to do its job properly. If the breathalyzer results prove faulty, the case against you will be severely weakened.
  • Field Tests- Besides using breathalyzers, police officers perform field tests to determine if you were in a state to drive, but these tests can also give erroneous results. We check to see if they performed the tests properly and recorded the results accurately.
  • Witness Testimony- If there are any witnesses who offer evidence against you, we will meet with them and scrutinize their testimony. We make sure they are all telling the same story, and we look for motives that they might have to give false reports. If there is any reason not to take their words seriously, we make sure everyone in the court knows it.

As ironclad as some drunk driving cases may seem, many can be easily overturned by taking a closer look at the evidence. The Aldrich DUI lawyer team makes sure that no such case results in a conviction, keeping the innocent safe and directing officials to focus on the guilty.

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Even if the case against you truly is ironclad, that does not mean that any punishment is appropriate. Severe sentences have the potential to destroy your career and family life, a high price to pay for a single violation. Thus even if you are found guilty, Aldrich Legal Services still protects you against excessive punishments. Through plea bargaining and other tactics, we can reduce or eliminate time spent in jail or prison. We can also argue to remove the charge from your record so that they do not interfere with your ability to get a job. If you need a car to get to work or otherwise live your life, we will protect your driving privileges and try to keep your insurance rates down. This may involve promising to attend traffic classes in lieu of more punitive measures.

DUI charges are nothing to take lightly, and Aldrich Legal Services pays close attention to detail when fighting them. For more information on protecting yourself in traffic cases, contact us today.

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"My experience with Aldrich legal services was beyond my expectation, I was in a difficult situation with the law and the lawyer that represented my case looked at every angle, I was thrilled to see the outcome of this case and I greatly appreciate the work Aldrich legal services has done for me. I highly recommend anyone to have Aldrich legal service represent them."

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Yonis M.

"We had a relatively complex real estate transaction to complete, and we couldn't have had a better experience than we did with Aldrich Legal Services. Angela was very easy to communicate with, available any time we had questions, and stayed very much on top of the entire process. I highly recommend their services!"

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Andy R.

"First of all, I would like to mention that I work in a field where I deal with a lot of lawsuits, so I am prefacing my review so that the statements carry the correct weight based on my experiences with our legal system. Brad and his team met with me to review the strategy for handling my case. They were sensitive to the emotional impact of the suit and professionally discussed options. They prepared our defense and counter suit. The case went before the judge, and based on the preparation and the well argued motion for dismissal, the Judge agreed and dismissed the suit against us! Those of you familiar with our court system will realize this is a difficult and rare occurrence. It gets even better.. The Judge asked for a hearing to determine if the suit brought against us by the plaintiff was frivolous and if so would consider possible sanctions against them. After a "cooling off period" we again went before the Judge and our case was so well presented that the Judge himself said, he had never issued sanctions like this in the thousands of cases he had presided over, he then hit the plaintiffs with the largest amount he has ever levied on a case. So to summarize, case dismissed, sanctions awarded. I can't imagine a more succinct victory and incredible relief all due to the highly skilled team at Aldrich legal. This may end up sounding like a commercial for the firm, but after two years of litigation it was truly a blessing with the way they handled the case. Thank you Brad and Ben."

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John H.

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