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Like any legal field designed to protect the most vulnerable, elder law has many facets. From ensuring adequate healthcare to levying taxes at a fair rate to providing benefits to those who have served in the military, a lot goes into taking proper care of the elderly. Aldrich Legal Services provides all clients with the elder support services they need to be happy and secure in their later years.

Healthcare Planning For The Long Haul

Given the aging of the American population and various other demographic and economic trends, medical care is becoming increasingly expensive. This can be a serious problem for the elderly, who often need large amounts of care as they age. As an elder law firm, Aldrich Legal Services can draft a plan to pay for all the healthcare you need. We take every contingency into account, using the current state of your health and your finances to determine what expenses you are likely to face and how you can prepare to pay them. In addition to planning for health expenses, we can also help you organize:

  • Power of Attorney- This is essential if you have a health crisis that affects your ability to make decisions. By granting power of attorney, you authorize someone you trust to coordinate your care.
  • Medical Directives- Besides granting power of attorney, you can also issue specific instructions for your care in particular situations.
  • Living Wills- These documents allow you to specify your comfort care, resuscitation, pain management, organ donations, and other contingencies if you become seriously ill.

Medical care isn't the only expense an estate attorney should help you with. You also need to be prepared for taxes, which can cut into your retirement savings and the money you leave to your descendants. Aldrich Legal Services understands the tax code backwards and forwards, and knows how to preserve as much of your money as possible. From the estate tax to the gift tax to penalties for early pension withdrawals, we will identify every tax that applies to you and help you minimize your payments.

Taking Care Of You And Your Loved Ones

If you or your loved one served in the military, you are likely eligible for VA benefits. These include health care benefits, which are available to everyone who served at least two consecutive years, and veterans' pensions.

You are eligible for a pension if you were on duty for at least 90 days, with at least one day in wartime, and meet one of the following conditions:

  • You are at least 65
  • You receive care in a nursing home
  • You are completely and permanently disabled
  • You receive either Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance

Aldrich Legal Services reviews your case and determines if you qualify for these benefits. If you do, we will fight for every cent.

Securing Medicaid & Medicare Benefits

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Aldrich Legal Services is happy to guide you through the four parts of Medicare, explaining what each part is for and how it could benefit you. We can also review your assets and determine whether you are qualified for Medicaid. Our goal is to ensure that all of our clients receive every Federal and state benefit they deserve.

Don't navigate elder law on your own. To obtain financial and medical security for you and your loved ones, contact Aldrich Legal Services today.

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"I have used Brad for both business set up and personal issues. You definitely want him by your side in a courtroom! He is knowledgeable, professional, creative and diligent."

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Phil L.

"About 6 months ago, we needed to update my mother's living revocable trust, so being from out of town, I did a search for Plymouth lawyers. So glad we found Minsun "Sunny" Lee at Aldrich Legal Services. She made the whole process easy and painless, with a very nice personality throughout. I appreciated her patience with my senior mom. A pleasure to work with, and highly recommended! Recently, I had some questions about a real estate dispute - so again I called their office, not sure how to proceed. Brad Aldrich was at lunch, but returned my call within 2 hours, answered all my questions, and gave me good direction forward. I would not hesitate to hire him as my attorney should I need legal representation. Thanks to a great staff!"

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"I've worked with Aldrich Legal Services for a couple of different issues, and have always found Brad and his team to be professional, capable, and personable. I've never been made to feel like a number, and have always received excellent representation. While no one ever wants to have to retain an attorney, being able to obtain counsel the quality and caliber of Brad and his team has made all the difference for me and my family. I unreservedly recommend Brad Aldrich and Aldrich Legal Services to anyone who needs legal representation with a human touch."

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Jeff O.

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