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Medical Marijuana Business Law

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For too long, Michigan medical marijuana laws have been mired in gray areas that are legal quicksand to patients and caregivers.

Recent law changes have cleared up the situation. Large-scale farming, edible marijuana products and commercial dispensaries will transform the marijuana scene.

If you wish to get involved in the medical marijuana business, you will need to form a business entity. Business entity formation will legally separate your personal assets from your business assets, and will enable you to do business with other companies.

At Aldrich legal Services we have more than 25 years of experience advising and planning new businesses. Our lawyers specialize in business formation, real estate transactions and civil litigation. We stay up to date on the local and state laws affecting medical marijuana.

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The Michigan medical marijuana law is far from perfect, especially because it fails to address the business side of the law. The new law provides a regulatory structure for medical marijuana and sets up a five-tiered system consisting of licensed medical marijuana providers for different parts of the distribution chain. Licenses are sold to organizations labeled growers, processors, safety compliance facilities, provisioning centers (dispensaries) and secure transporters.

The ability to obtain a license will depend on local authorities. Cities such as Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and Detroit have taken a more relaxed approach to marijuana dispensaries. Known under the law as "provisioning centers," dispensaries have so far lived an uneasy existence. Some cities have taken more relaxed views to dispensaries. Detroit, for example, had an estimated 148 dispensaries before the city passed a regulatory ordinance.

Staying current on law is essential as the legal landscape changes. The new law affords an opportunity to profit from medical marijuana, and Aldrich Legal Services is committed to helping clients do business the right way.

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