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DIVORCE 65: Both parties were ordered to cooperate with the supervised parenting time and reunification therapy.

In this case the mother and father were married, and they had three children.

Domestic Violence

The father was charged with assault by strangulation, assault with intent to commit great bodily harm less than murder, and three counts of fourth-degree child abuse. Those charges arose generally out of father’s commission of domestic violence against mother, during which he pushed mother against a stove, placed his hands around her throat, and attempted to strangle her in front of the children. The children told teachers, Children’s Protective Services, and therapists that father attempted to choke mother.

Father Sentenced to Jail Time

It was also discovered that father was in the practice of physically abusing the children: he would grab and squeeze their heads as a method of discipline and control, and he would throw objects at them. Father entered a plea of guilty to attempted assault by strangulation, and the other charges were dismissed. The father was sentenced to jail time, community service, and probation. In the meantime, plaintiff filed for divorce, and the children were enrolled in therapy.

Supervised Parenting Time and Reunification Therapy

The trial court entered a consent judgment of divorce, awarding sole legal and physical custody of the children to mother, but awarding father supervised parenting time. Both parties were ordered to cooperate with the supervised parenting time and reunification therapy, and to refrain from estranging the children from or prejudicing the children against the other parent. The judgment of divorce specifically provides under the Rights of the Children, that the parents shall endeavor to guide the child to promote an affectionate relationship between the children and the father and the children and the mother.

When You Need to Protect Your Parental Rights

We act quickly when allegations of domestic violence are made to file for or contest personal protection orders. If you are going through a divorce or are separating from the mother or father of your children, it is important to protect your custodial rights.

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