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DIVORCE 67: The parties agreed to submit their post judgment of divorce issues to binding arbitration.

In this case plaintiff filed a complaint for divorce. The parties ultimately reached a settlement agreement regarding the division of the marital estate, which included multiple parcels of real estate. The trial court entered a consent judgment of divorce. In relevant part, the consent judgment required defendant to transfer two parcels of real estate to plaintiff within 10 days of the entry of the judgment. Defendant was awarded the former marital home, but the parties agreed that plaintiff would be permitted to rent it.

In August 2019, defendant moved the trial court to enforce the consent judgment, arguing that plaintiff owed unpaid rent and utilities. Plaintiff alleged that defendant had failed to disclose outstanding debt remaining on the two parcels of real property that were awarded to her in the settlement.

Binding Arbitration

The parties agreed to submit their post judgment of divorce issues to binding arbitration. The arbitration agreement broadly granted the arbitrator the authority to decide the post judgment of divorce issues that were pending before the trial court.

In this case, the arbitrator repeatedly referenced the consent judgment. In relevant part, the arbitrator noted that the consent judgment provided that the parties had made full disclosures, and the arbitrator found that defendant had failed to disclose certain debts relating to the real property that was transferred to plaintiff. The arbitrator also found that defendant’s failure to disclose this debt was an intentional act.

Arbitration Award

The arbitrator issued an award after holding an evidentiary hearing. The defendant was required to pay plaintiff a net sum. This amount included $4,000 in attorney fees, which the arbitrator ordered because defendant had unnecessarily increased the cost and duration of the litigation by making false arguments and by intentionally failing to comply with the consent judgment.

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