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How Is Alimony Determined In A Michigan Divorce?

When filing for divorce in Michigan, you may seek alimony, spousal support, from their spouse whenever they require financial aid. A judge may order your spouse to pay certain alimony. However, it depends on the prevailing circumstances. Also, the court…

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Can Passengers Drink Alcohol in a Car?

You and your friends go out for the evening, and they drink and you stick with coffee. You’re the designated driver, after all, and you take the job seriously. But one of your buddies sneaks a beer out of the…

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Are you required to provide ID as a passenger?

Original Post: 05/14/2017 The preceding is for informational purposes only. Being stopped by the police is not usually a pleasant experience. Even with the most benign of infractions, the encounter can be adversarial. The idea of authority can lead most…