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Real Estate Law

Empowering Property Owners: Top-Notch Real Estate Legal Support from Aldrich Legal Services.

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Experienced Real Estate Attorney in Plymouth, Michigan

At Aldrich Legal Services in Plymouth, Michigan, we provide top-tier real estate legal solutions, including mortgage foreclosure, real estate litigation, transactional work, and construction litigation. Our experienced team is committed to guiding you through complex property matters with skill and precision.

Trust Aldrich Legal Services to protect your interests and help you navigate the ever-changing world of real estate law. Call (734) 404-3000 to get a free case assessment from a real estate law attorney in Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Real Estate Law Cases We Handle

Mortgage Foreclosure

Protect your investment before your property goes to auction with our strategic approach to mortgage foreclosure defense and resolution.

Real Estate Litigation

Navigate disputes and work out contractual disagreements confidently with our expertise in real estate litigation and dispute resolution.

Transactional Work

Streamline your property transactions and documents with our comprehensive and efficient legal support for buyers and sellers.

Construction Litigation

Mitigate risk and resolve conflicts with our specialized knowledge in construction litigation and contract disputes.

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