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Probate Litigation

Protect Your Inheritance With Expert Probate Litigation Services From Aldrich Attorneys.

Probate Litigation Attorney in Plymouth, MI

The probate process in Michigan is designed to be fair, honest, and smooth. Unfortunately, probate doesn’t always go smoothly due to factors such as family disputes, unclear estate plans, or contesting of wills. Additionally, the process can be muddied by legal, financial, and administrative complexities, making it difficult to navigate without proper guidance.

Aldrich Legal Services provides personalized, aggressive representation in inheritance disputes, estate administration, and trust litigation. We ensure your rights are protected, and your family’s future is safeguarded. Don’t let legal challenges disrupt your peace of mind – trust our expertise to navigate you through the probate process with confidence.

Estate Planning Services

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Probate Litigation Services We Offer in Michigan

Navigating the probate and estate administration process in Michigan is overwhelming, especially during a time of grief. By entrusting us with your probate and estate administration needs, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge of Michigan laws and our dedication to securing your family’s future. Our attorneys will guide you through each step with compassion and expertise. Our probate litigation services include:

  • Will contests and disputes
  • Estate management
  • Asset valuation
  • Power of attorney
  • Trust administration
  • Guardianship/conservatorship
  • Estate planning
  • Advance directives
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Frequently Asked Questions About
Probate Litigation in Michigan

Typically, interested parties such as beneficiaries, heirs, creditors, or the personal representative of the estate can initiate probate litigation in Michigan.

Common grounds for contesting a will include lack of testamentary capacity, undue influence, fraud, duress, forgery, and improper execution according to Michigan laws.

To minimize the likelihood of probate litigation, it’s essential to create a clear, comprehensive estate plan with the help of an experienced attorney, communicate your intentions with your family, and regularly update your estate plan as needed.

Yes, parties involved in probate litigation can reach an agreement through negotiation, mediation, or other alternative dispute resolution methods to settle the matter without going to court.

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