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Divorce & Family Law Case Stories

Read some examples of our divorce and family law case wins below to see how we’ve helped some of our past clients get their lives back on track.

The Bottom Line: We Get Results

Motion for Change of Custody

A client came to us needing to file a Motion for Change of Custody. The mother had primary custody since 2014. Due to a recent incident involving Child Protective Services the minor child was taken from the mother and placed temporarily with our client. We needed to file a Motion to have our client given primary custody. After a lengthy court battle the Court agreed with us that it was in the best interest of the minor child to be with the father who was granted primary physical and legal custody.

Motion to Reinstate Divorce case for entry of Judgment

A client came to us after her previous attorney had allowed her pending divorce case to get dismissed. We were able to file a Motion to reinstate the case and then place the Judgment, which had been worked out between the parties, on the record so this client could get her divorce finalized.

Motion successfully filed for enforcement of Judgment of Divorce regarding payment of 50% equity in marital home

We were hired to deal with a post-divorce issue for a client regarding her not getting paid 50% of the equity from a marital home pursuant to the Judgment of Divorce. Our client had been overly patient with her ex-husband and allowed the property to remain unsold with her ex-husband living in the property. We successfully filed a Motion to have the Court order payment of the 50% of the equity from the home to our client.

Violation of a Personal Protection Order (PPO)

We had a client that was facing an allegation of violating a Personal Protection Order that had been in place against her. We defended her and had an evidentiary hearing (trial) where we convinced the Court that our client had in fact not violated the terms of the PPO. This allowed us to proceed in the divorce without our client facing sanctions from the Circuit Court Judge that was assigned to both the PPO and divorce.

Motion to Show Cause for violating Judgment of Divorce

We have a client that we had previously done a divorce for that needed us to file a Motion to Show Cause against his ex-wife. His ex-wife was awarded 1 of the parties homes and she was supposed to refinance to remove his name within 6 months of entry of the Judgment of Divorce. After our client being overly patient for 12 months we filed a Motion and were able to get the Court to order the sale of the property in question. This way our client’s name was not tied to the property the moment it was sold.

Complaint to establish Paternity

We often see clients that have had a child with someone and were never married. We recently had a client with this situation and he was having difficulty getting the mother to allow parenting time so he could see his son. We filed a Complaint to Establish Paternity and then went on to set out the custody and parenting time regarding the minor child. The client was very happy and going forward the parties now have specific orders in place regarding the minor child which benefits not only them but the child.

Objections filed regarding child support recommendations

We had a client that received notice from the Friend of the Court regarding a recommendation to pay a specific amount of child support. Our client knew that the numbers were wrong because they had his income wrong. We filed an Objection to the referee’s recommendation and after a hearing were successful in getting a modification of the child support that our client was happy with.

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Aldrich Legal Services has been a tremendous help to me in both Probate and Family Trust issues with my parents who both died recently. The help and advice that I have received has lessened my burden tremendously. Lisa Hamilton handled the Probate for me and that has just been concluded. I am so grateful for her professional assistance and guidance.

- Mark O.

I highly recommend this law firm. My divorce was the craziest situation ever. I was honestly very pleased with Lisa Baker and her staff. They kept me informed on all details the communication was outstanding. My divorce was completed in a timely manner and I am very impressed with the results. Thank you Aldrich Legal Services for making this possible for me I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to work with me on my situation. I would give 10 stars if I could.

- Della S.

Brad Aldrich and his team helped me and my wife in setting up a Will & Trust and the experience was extremely easy. Aldrich Legal Services made the process painless and streamlined. The team is very knowledgeable, courteous and most of all, efficient with my time. I have personally referred several friends and professional colleagues to Aldrich Legal Services and will continue to do so for these reasons. Definitely a 5 star rating and I highly recommend.

- Robert G.

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