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How Is Alimony Determined In A Michigan Divorce?

When filing for divorce in Michigan, you may seek alimony, spousal support, from their spouse whenever they require financial aid. A judge may order your spouse to pay certain alimony. However, it depends on the prevailing circumstances. Also, the court can make the order as a case-by-case scenario. The alimony can be permanent or temporary. Usually, one gets it after a divorce process ends or during its proceedings.

Keep reading to learn more about alimony in Michigan and what that could mean for your divorce.

Divorce and Alimony (Spousal Support)

Most troubled marriages result in divorces. When dissolving a marriage, it’s critical to legally resolve various marital concerns such as alimony especially when one spouse financially depends on their partner. In Michigan, courts typically consider certain factors before granting alimony to an individual such as a spouse’s working ability, age, and health. Also, the court will assess whether the divorcing partner is capable of paying the alimony.

How Michigan Courts Determine Alimony

The alimony’s amount mainly depends on the partners’ income. Usually, the court tries to grant alimony that allows the recipient to sustain their home’s needs and to live a standard lifestyle. Besides, it might comprise attorney fees which the receiving partner has paid.

Duration of Spousal Support Payments

Ordinary alimony has a particular timeframe. The court sets a specific duration based on a marriage’s length. Although the receiving partner gets on a monthly basis, one can also get it in a lump sum. When calculating it, a court considers the monthly income of both parties. Also, it applies standard equity principles. It’s recommended to balance between the required amount and that which the divorcing spouse can afford.

The precise duration which one will be receiving alimony depends on their marriage’s duration, their health, age, income level, and each partner’s contribution in accumulating their marital assets.

Protecting Your Rights Through Alimony

Alimony proceedings are an undesirable part of most divorces. If one suspects that their divorce might include an alimony petition, it’s advisable to hire an experienced alimony counsel. It ensures that you get adequate compensation for the time you invested in your marriage. Also, it prevents you from paying exorbitant spouse support. Having a family lawyer with a deep understanding of family law relieves your stress.

Modification or Termination of Alimony

A person’s obligation to pay alimony usually ends when their partner dies or remarries. If the court doesn’t change its decision, you can request it to change your spouse’s alimony award if their circumstances change drastically.

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