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Aldrich Legal Service – A Trusted Plymouth, MI Law Firm

Aldrich Legal Services was founded by Brad Aldrich, a trusted lawyer who has been practicing in Michigan for over 25 years. Boasting a wealth of trial experience and a conveniently-located legal office in Plymouth, MI, our team is the right choice for addressing a wide range of legal issues, from criminal charges to divorce and estate planning.

Our Plymouth Lawyers Service Clients with a Wide Range of Needs:

Estate Planning
Our Plymouth estate planning team can help you protect your family and hard-earned assets through careful drafting of wills and trusts. Additionally, we can review existing estate plans to ensure that you minimize probate costs and reduce estate taxes. Give your family the security they deserve.

The probate process can be complex, time-consuming, and result in ongoing disputes. Acquiring the assistance of an experience probate lawyer can help reduce complications and ensure that the process is handled as efficiently as possible. Also, in the case that a dispute does arise, you will need a seasoned attorney who understands your unique situation to assist with litigation, mediation and more. The team at Aldrich has extensive experience handling probate cases in Plymouth and throughout Michigan.

Business Law
For most people, their business is more than a way to make a living, it’s their life’s work and passion. Unfortunately, a single legal complication can derail everything you’ve worked for and consume all of the time you need to run your business. That’s why you need a knowledgeable Aldrich attorney to assist with business formations, transactions, non-competes, employee contracts, and more. And, in the case of a dispute that can’t be resolved out of court, our attorneys are well-versed in litigating even the most complex business matters.

Real Estate
Disputes, foreclosures, and major transactions are all situations that require a competent real estate attorney who can protect you from complications, unnecessary costs, or unfavorable agreements. Our Plymouth real estate attorneys have intimate knowledge of the local laws and code governing real estate in the area and offer the responsiveness and attentiveness that real estate matters demand.

Criminal Law
If you value your freedom, rights, and future, and you’ve been charged with a crime in Plymouth, MI, it’s important to hire a local criminal lawyer in Plymouth who is respected by the judges and prosecutors that will be handling your case. Aldrich has an extensive record of achieving favorable outcomes for those facing criminal charges in the area. Finding representation fast is essential to the outcome of your case. Make Aldrich your first call.

Traffic Violations
From basic fines like seat belt violations to more severe charges, such as reckless driving, the team at Aldrich can help you protect your driving record. Traffic violation costs don’t end with paying your fine, increased insurance costs, license reinstatement fees, and more can add up to a small fortune. Before you agree to pay a ticket or plea to any traffic violation, consider meeting with an attorney to evaluate your case.

Facing a DUI charge in Plymouth, MI is a very serious matter. The local courts take these cases very seriously, and drunk driving charges can be very severe. Hiring a Plymouth DUI lawyer who understands Michigan drunk driving laws, and has earned the respect of local judges and prosecutors, is the most effective way to achieve a favorable outcome in your case. Call our Plymouth legal office immediately to begin discussing the best course of action for handling your DUI. You can count on our team to fight hard for your rights and freedom.

Are your considering a divorce, or has your partner confronted you with divorce papers? While it may be an overwhelming time, it’s important to think about your future and hire a Plymouth divorce lawyer immediately who can help you protect your financial freedom and parental rights. With over 25 years of experience in family law, we’ve helped countless individuals come out of this difficult situation with the assets and rights they deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact a divorce lawyer right away. Every day that passes without representation could make an impact on the outcome of your divorce.

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