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Breath & Blood Tests

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If police stop you for suspected drunk driving here in Michigan, it is likely they will want to administer a breath test or a blood test.

The results, however, are not always ironclad proof of anything.

At Aldrich Legal Services, our attorneys can protect your rights, including determining whether the results of any breath or blood tests are accurate. Before you plead guilty to anything, contact our law firm in Plymouth, Michigan, to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer about your case.

We Know How To Effectively Challenge Breath And Blood Tests

Unfortunately, in Michigan, failure to take a breath or blood test could result in license suspension for at least a year. A suspended license could mean loss of employment.

Put your trust in our attorneys, led by founder Brad Aldrich, who has more than 25 years of litigation and criminal defense experience in southeast Michigan. Brad knows how to determine whether there were any test errors and if police respected your rights when conducting a Breathalyzer test.

We can work with our own experts and conduct a thorough examination. With strong attention to detail, we will make sure officers followed the law when conducting, handling and processing your tests. If we find any problems, we may be able to have the results thrown out, which will benefit your case if you are facing OWI charges.

Call Aldrich Legal Services. Let Us Put Our Experience To Work For You.

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