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Property Division

Experienced Legal Guidance With Property Division During Divorce

Are you facing a divorce in Michigan? Do you have questions about how your assets and your debts will be divided with your soon-to-be ex-spouse?

Financial issues are often the biggest concern for individuals and families who are facing divorce.

At the Plymouth and Ann Arbor law firm of Aldrich Legal Services, our attorneys understand the struggles you may face. We will work hard to help you obtain all to which you are entitled during your divorce.

Protecting Your Rights During Your Divorce And Property Settlement

In Michigan, marital assets — assets acquired during the marriage — are divided equitably during the divorce process. This does not mean that the property division will be equal, however. The court will seek a "fair and equitable" division by taking a number of factors into consideration, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Individual needs, age, health and earning capacity
  • Individual contributions to the marital estate
  • Debt origination — ex. gambling debt vs. home purchase
  • Blame for the end of the marriage — ex. infidelity, domestic violence

Our founding lawyer Brad Aldrich has more than 19 years of experience and, together with our legal team, we will guide you through the property division process, negotiating and fighting for the best possible outcome with your divorce decree or separation agreement.

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