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How to Avoid Getting Points on Your Driving Record After Getting a Ticket

Michigan includes a point system as part of the enforcement process for driving. Officers assign points to a driver’s record for violations such as going through a red light, driving recklessly, or speeding. Points carry consequences for drivers, including higher interest rates. The more points on a driver’s record, the more danger a driver is in for losing the right to their license and increasing insurance costs. 

To protect yourself from the extra costs and possible loss of your license that goes with getting points it is crucial to know how to avoid getting new points added. 

Info on Driver’s Record Points

For each of the various driving violations, there is a different amount of points to be added to your record. Once you get at least four points within 2 years, Michigan’s Secretary of State (SOS) office will give you notice. This notice lets you know you have more points than the average driver - take this notice seriously if you receive it. At eight points, you will get a warning that continuing to break traffic codes will result in the suspension of your license. At 12 points, the SOS will demand a driver reexamination to test your driving knowledge and ability.

Depending on the results and your violations, your license could be restricted or suspended for anywhere from several months to several years. Expect your points to remain on your record for two years since the day you received them. Make sure to contest each point, so you don’t get to the 12-point limit.

Options When you Get a Moving Violation Ticket

You have several options once you get a moving violation. Review your choices below.

  • Pay the Ticket - Your first option is to pay the ticket. Beware, this option forces you to admit responsibility for the violation and thus accept all associated fees and penalties, including points.
  • Attend Traffic School - In certain situations, you can take an additional traffic class that will waive your points. You will need to pass a Take note that these classes may force you to miss school or work. This option cannot be used too often so it is wise to see if you can fight the ticket first before exercising this option.
  • Fight the Ticket -  Otherwise, you can choose to fight the ticket. In some situations, the driver has a defense that will allow them to avoid conviction. The prosecution must prove the driver’s fault, so if the officer does not appear with enough proof, the judge will dismiss the case.  Even if the ticket is not taken to a full trial, an experienced attorney can often negotiate a lesser ticket, hopefully with zero points.

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