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DIVORCE 10: For an agreement to be unconscionable, there must be both procedural unconscionability and substantive unconscionability.

Despite having signed the proposed divorce judgment, defendant filed an answer to the divorce complaint on February 28, 2017, and on March 2, 2017, she filed a response to plaintiff’s motion for entry of proofs and judgment, along with a motion to restore her possession of the marital home. Defendant claimed arguments premised on unconscionability.

Is an IRA marital property subject to division?

Plaintiff, age 67 at the time of divorce, and defendant, age 59 at the time of divorce, were married for 23 years. The judgment of divorce provides for a division of property. Defendant appeals arguing that the trial court erred in determining the...

The court held that the trial court did not err in its distribution of the marital property, its spousal support order, or its decision to impute income to the plaintiff to calculate the amount of child support the defendant was required to pay.

The parties divorced and the trial court handled the distribution of property as well as spousal and child support. On appeal, the court rejected plaintiff's argument that the trial court's distribution of the marital property was not equitable....

The court rejected the plaintiff-ex-husband's challenges to the trial court's property division and orders relating to insurance policies, but agreed that remand was required as to the award of attorney fees and costs to the defendant-ex-wife.

Thus, it vacated the order awarding attorney fees and remanded for further proceedings on this issue, but otherwise affirmed. As to the application of the Sparks factors, while "defendant received significantly more property than plaintiff" under...

The court held the trial court did not err by allocating assets to the defendant-ex-husband without including their value in the marital estate. The court could not determine whether the estate was equitably divided without findings on the Sparks fac

The court held that the trial court did not err by allocating two assets to the defendant-ex-husband without including their value in the marital estate. However, it noted that based on the trial court's failure to make findings on the Sparks...

The court affirmed the trial court's rulings as to the disposition of a Harley Davidson motorcycle, the award of attorney fees to the defendant-ex-wife, and the denial of the plaintiff-ex-husband's request for attorney fees.

Plaintiff argued that the trial court clearly erred when it awarded defendant $5,700 for her share of the Harley. He contended that the parties had an agreement as to the Harley, pursuant to which he would be awarded the Harley and defendant would...
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