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Holding that the plaintiff complied with the notice requirements of MCL 691.1404(1) , the court reversed the trial court's order granting the defendants summary disposition on the basis of governmental immunity, and remanded.

Plaintiff alleged that she was injured "when she fell over the sheer edge of an excavated hole created by defendants." The trial court found that her failure to personally sign the notice letter was a "fatal defect." On appeal, the court concluded...

Applying the Dairyland/Workman factors, the court held that there was no genuine issue of material fact that the plaintiff was not domiciled with the defendant's insured (plaintiff's mother) at the time of the accident.

At age 22, Plaintiff moved to Florida with her boyfriend in 6/12. "During her testimony, plaintiff repeatedly referenced 'moving' to Florida and 'visiting' in Michigan." She signed a lease for a duplex in Florida "and lived there with her boyfriend...

Holding that the jury's decision to award the plaintiff no noneconomic damages was grossly inadequate and against the great weight of the evidence, the court reversed the trial court's order denying her noneconomic damages and remanded for a new tria

Plaintiff was seriously injured when she and the defendant collided while skiing. The jury declined to award either economic or noneconomic damages, even though it found defendant 50% negligent. The trial court found that the verdict as to economic...

Concluding that the plaintiff established a genuine issue of material fact on the issue of causation, the court held that the trial court erroneously granted summary disposition in favor of defendant-State Farm under MCR 2.116(C)(10).

She was hit from behind by a pickup truck. Plaintiff argued that (1) she proffered documentary evidence that showed a genuine issue of material fact for trial, (2) the trial court failed to view the evidence in the light most favorable to her, (3)...

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