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REAL ESTATE 40: Tax Tribunal denied petitioner’s claim of a principal residence exemption (PRE).

MCL 211.7cc(2) provides that an owner of property can claim the PRE by filing an affidavit that must state that the property is owned and occupied as a principal residence by that owner of the property on the date that the affidavit is signed and shall state that the owner has not claimed a substantially similar exemption, deduction, or credit on property in another state.

Holding that the trial court properly granted the defendants summary disposition under the GTLA as to the plaintiff's tort claims, that there was no question of fact as to whether they were unjustly enriched by collecting the fees at issue.

In 2012, plaintiff's then-wife filed for divorce and paid $230 in filing fees. He later filed a motion as to custody of his child in the divorce action, and paid an $80 FOC fee, collected by the clerk of the court pursuant to the former MCL...

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