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REAL ESTATE 22: Court found denial of rezoning from multiple-family to commercial invalid.

Plaintiff brought suit, alleging that the rezoning denial deprived it of its constitutional rights to equal protection and substantive due process. The parties filed competing motions for summary disposition. The briefs largely focused on whether defendant had treated the Property differently from other properties in the downtown area and whether it had legitimate reasons for doing so.

Concluding that the trial court clearly erred in finding that a latent ambiguity existed in the deed and in reforming the deed, the court reversed the order granting the intervenor's petition to reform the deed & remanded for entry of summary disposi

A residence was conveyed to the decedent, Lyle F. Steiner, and the intervenor, Steven M. Steiner (Lyle's son). Years later, when Lyle passed away, Steven was appointed PR of Lyle's estate. "DHHS filed a claim against the estate for unpaid Medicaid...

Concluding that there was no evidence to support that the property at issue was the petitioner's principal residence in 2014, the court affirmed the Tax Tribunal's order affirming the respondent's denial of a Principal Residence Exemption.

The Talamore for Three Trust became an owner of the property in 1/14. Petitioner was the trustee of the Trust and co-owner of the property. His 2/14 documents only showed that he rented a trailer that was delivered to Muskegon. His 4/14 receipts...

The trial court properly awarded the defendant a 24-ft wide easement over an alley on the plaintiff's property, and properly denied defendant's request for an easement for access to a water line running under plaintiff's property.

During a repair to its water line, plaintiff discovered that the line also served defendant's property. Plaintiff sought a declaratory ruling that defendant had no right to its water line and that plaintiff could remove defendant's connection. The...
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