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At Aldrich Legal Services, our attorneys and staff understand the stress that can come with family law disputes.

Our firm is committed to helping you find resolutions to all of your family law needs, allowing you to move on with your life in a positive way.

From our law firm in Plymouth, MI, we serve clients throughout Wayne, Washtenaw and Oakland counties who are dealing with family law matters, such as:


We help with all issues of divorce, including property division, spousal support, custody and child support.

Child Custody & Support

We assist parents with all types of child support and custody matters, including, relocation, petitioning for or contesting modifications, enforcing child support orders and negotiating child support agreements.

Paternity & Fathers' Rights

We help parents with issues of paternity and protect fathers' rights in regards to custody, support and other issues disputes.

Property Division

We provide guidance with all issues involving the division of property, assets and debts incident to divorce.


We can help clients who wish to modify or contest modifications of child support, child custody, parenting time or spousal support.

Domestic Violence

We act quickly when allegations of domestic violence are made to file for or contest personal protection orders.

An advantage of being a client of Aldrich Legal Services is that you will be represented by our founder, Brad Aldrich, who has more than 25 years of experience practicing law throughout Southeast Michigan. Brad has a deep understanding of the court system and judges, and he can use that knowledge and experience to craft legal strategies that address your unique situation.

Providing Skilled Legal Assistance With Michigan Divorces

Were you just served with divorce papers? Do you believe that divorce is the only option left for your marriage? In order to protect your parental and financial rights, it is important to have an experienced and understanding divorce attorney by your side at every step of the way.

At the Plymouth and Ann Arbor law firm of Aldrich Legal Services, our attorneys have the skill and experience you need to address all family law issues that may arise during your divorce, including:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and parenting time
  • Child and spousal support
  • Division of property

We are committed to providing each of our clients with quality legal representation and superior service. To schedule a free consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer at our firm, contact our Michigan law office.

Let Us Put Our Experience to Work for You

Our family law practice is headed by Bonita S. Hoffman, a knowledgeable divorce lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience. Her experience includes extensive trial and appellate practice. Bonnie has intricate knowledge and experience in the area and has a strong knowledge of local courts and procedures.

Our focus is on resolving your dispute as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while fully safeguarding your rights. If your divorce is not resolved before trial, we have the courtroom skills and experience to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Skilled Assistance with Custody and Child Support Issues

If you are going through a divorce or are separating from the mother or father of your children, it is important to protect your custodial rights. If the divorce or separation process does not turn out like you thought it would, you may not have the custody, visitation or child support you deserve. Seek the advice and guidance of an experienced family law and divorce attorney who will be by your side every step of the way.

At the Plymouth and Ann Arbor law firm of Aldrich Legal Services, our attorneys represent parents throughout southeast Michigan with a wide range of custody-related matters, including:

  • Paternity
  • Custody modifications
  • Parenting time (visitation) modifications
  • Parental relocation disputes
  • Out-of-state child custody modifications

As our client, you will be represented by Brad Aldrich, a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience representing southeast Michigan parents. Brad has litigated thousands of family law cases, and he will use his skills to help you achieve the best possible results.

Helping You Make Sense of Complicated Child Support Formulas

In Michigan, like in most states, child support determinations are determined according to a formula that takes into account each parent's income, along with factors such as parenting time, and health care, daycare and education expenses. We can help you determine a fair amount and represent you in court or in settlement negotiations.

Additionally, if you feel you are paying too much or not receiving enough, our lawyers have successfully helped many couples receive child support modifications. We can use our experience and knowledge of family law to help you determine if this is the right choice for you.

Choose a Local Plymouth, MI Family Law Firm That Has the Experience You Need to Get Results

Few law firms in southeast Michigan are better equipped to represent your rights in high-stakes litigation. Contact Aldrich Legal Services online or call us at (734) 404-3000 to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who is dedicated to protecting your interests.

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